Random Song of the Day – 10/19/17

Today, Celldweller:

Yes, it’s more discussions about covers, but this one came up for a reason, so just work with me for a couple of days, yeah?

Now, I’m well aware that I’ve discussed Klayton Scott on this site far more often than any reasonable person would, between a repost of a record review, a Random Song of the Day, and mentioning his work while discussing Blue Stahli multiple times, but I like industrial music so it’s kind of a given that I end up hearing stuff from Scott since, well, Scott’s label Fixt makes a lot of industrial music. I’m also sure that, unless you’re a fan, you probably don’t care very much about his work either; while you’ve almost certainly heard the instrumentals of one of his tracks in a trailer for a film or game, it’s not likely you’re buying his records or anything, because nothing Fixt has released has gone platinum at this point.

Today (and for the next couple of days), though, I want to use Klayton as, essentially, a singular living example of the covers discussion I brought up earlier, due to a cover he released recently that sort of fulfilled the “HAHA HOLY SHIT” quotient. Technically speaking, I could’ve done this with Disturbed a while ago, but given the choice, Klayton is less likely to make people roll their eyes at me, so let’s go with this.

Up first is “Tragedy,” a single released under the Celldweller name over a decade ago (Klayton released this originally as a standalone single, but includes it on the Celldweller 10th Anniversary release, so assume it came out sometime around 2003-2004), which sharp-eyed readers will note I made fun of during the recap of my original review of the Celldweller record. Here’s the thing, though: with a decade’s space between the original release, as well as some consideration after the fact, I have to say it: this is probably a better song than the song it’s covering. Now, no disrespect to the Bee Gees, because screw you they were awesome, but if you don’t remember the original version of “Tragedy,” here’s a link.

Back with me? Okay, now I want you to note, this is meant to be a miserable song, TO THE POINT WHERE ITS NAME IS “TRAGEDY”, and then consider what tone Barry Gibb brings to this track. For most of the tracks in the band’s catalog, Barry is amazingly on point, but in this song? Yeah, I’m… not getting a sense of tragic despair from it. Compare that to the Celldweller version, and well, while the Bee Gees version might be more technically sound (as Klayton still had a major issue with overproduction at this point), the Celldweller version gets the tone spot-on and lays into it hard through the entire thing. Klayton sounds miserable, and it fits the song a lot more than Barry’s vocals do, as does the tone of the music backing up Klayton’s vocals.

So yeah, this is basically a wonderful cover from that perspective. The others that are coming? Not so much.

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