Random Song of the Day – 10/20/17

Today, Scandroid (AKA “Celldweller, again”):

Moving on from “covers that maintain or improve upon the spirit of the original,” we move into “covers that basically remake the original song,” with “Shout,” a song most people will either remember from its original 1980’s release as a Tears for Fears song or, failing that, from when Disturbed covered it back in 2000. Now, I love the original version of the song a lot, because I’m an 80’s kid, but I also enjoy the Disturbed version of the song in its own way, because it doesn’t take itself too seriously (the Ice Ice Baby reference, for example) but clearly knows how to redo the song in a way that, well, sounds like Disturbed.

This, by comparison, just… sounds like the original.

Now, I do want to note that the video clearly shows that Klayton’s either learning on his own how to loosen up a bit, or is at least learning how to do it from Bret Autrey, as the random in-joke toward the end is cute, and the 80’s aesthetic that’s just oozing out of the video is kind of neat. The song itself, though, is… just the original song, with Klayton’s vocals, and while that’s fine, it’s also not anything to be excited about because, again, I have that song, I don’t need a slightly newer and slightly cleaner version.

Also, uh, two things re: the video:

1.) Am… I supposed to take away from this video that the overall message is “it’s liberating for women to leave their lives for a little bit to dress in 80’s aerobics wear and dance in a shitty warehouse to Tears for Fears covers?” because I don’t, and I’m not sure how you would, and

2.) Where in the fuck did that pencil come from Klayton?

Anyway, we have one more cover to get through, so stick with me until Monday, yeah?

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