Random Song of the Day – 10/23/17

Today, Scandroid (yes again) because Jesus Christ:

I just…



On one hand, I appreciate the core thematic concepts. The Scandroid brand is meant to be based around more robotic and sci-fi concepts, so it’s cute that the video features robots doing the Thriller dance. I also appreciate that the main robot is a werewolf robot with a red paint job, because that’s a direct reference to the original video on multiple levels. Finally, putting the lyrics on the marquee of a theater is a neat touch that, again, calls back to the original song and video in a way a lot of creators probably wouldn’t. If you’re coming to this from that perspective, and you can take the song itself out of that context, there are a lot of really great ideas here.

However, the core problem is, it’s fucking Thriller.

Listen, I generally try not to be a musical purist, because experimental or variant music is what helps us, as a culture, to grow our genres and expand music beyond what it was into what it can be, but “Thriller” is basically one of the very few “perfect” pop songs that exists on this Earth. I’m not saying you can’t cover it, or that it’s wrong to dislike it, but I am saying that if you are going to cover it, you need to bring your musical A game or an interpretation no one’s ever come up with, and this is… not that. The music itself is basically just the original tune, but jazzed up a little (in the “tweaked” or “fine-tuned” sense, not as in “he added actual jazz to it” sense), so from jump the best you can be is “as good as.” Further, however, while Klayton isn’t a bad singer per say, he’s not fucking Michael Jackson, and his vocals can’t even begin to touch what was done, so he… just doesn’t try. The vocals are mostly flat or given the robo-vocal treatment, and the end result is a whole lot of nothing.

I mean, I don’t know how else to describe it, but look, just… don’t do this. I know people love Michael Jackson, but if you can’t either spin the song to be unique or, failing that, perform at the level of the original artist, don’t do it. Jesus Christ.

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