Random Song of the Day – 10/24/17

Today, She:

She is a band my friend Jonah turned me onto a few months ago, but it wasn’t until recently that I went through and listened to their body of work again, and goddamn if they can’t put together a really interesting vocalized electronic track with minimal effort. I mean, I love EDM of various genres and subgenres, so I’m probably the exact market bands like Plaid, Digital Daggers and She are aiming to please with their work (if they care at all), but it’s always exciting to discover a band that can put together a track that just sounds compelling and enjoyable, which is something She is able to do with relative ease.

Now, She as a band isn’t really notable for the above song as such; the self-titled track from the album, “Coloris,” and “Tokyo Nights” seem to be the tracks most people love from this record, and with good reason, because they’re both great. However, in the above song, “Monochrome,” there’s a lot to love, and it feels like it comes completely naturally, whereas in the in the aforementioned tracks, the artist really feels like they’re putting in a lot of work to get there. To put it another way, Monochrome feels like a simple, but really effective, song, and while part of that comes down to an effective use of female vocals, the song feels really simply composed, in a way that’s not too busy and flows well. The music flows well from one piece to the next, in a way that feels natural and organic, and it’s honestly a song you can feel penetrate you. “Coloris” and “Tokyo Nights” feel like heavily organized, busy numbers, and while I love them as well, there’s something about a simple, organic-feeling song I just can’t deny, which is why “Monochrome” is the song I went to above and beyond any other.

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