Random Song of the Day – 10/26/17

Today, Shiny Toy Guns:

Since I mentioned them yesterday, I thought I’d fit them in here while the memory was fresh.

Anyway, while “You Are the One” is probably the most obvious song to pick from the band (except for possibly “Le Disko,” which I don’t care for), the main reason I went with it is because it’s honestly one of the very few songs from the band that resonated with me. See, while I really like “You Are the One,” I mostly don’t have an opinion on the rest of the band’s body of work, because, frankly speaking, it’s “okay” at the best of times. The first record, We Are Pilots, has a couple of decent standouts aside from “You Are the One,” such as “Starts With One” and the title track, but the follow-up record, Season of Poison, did nothing for me, outside of possibly “It Became A Lie On You,” and I mostly just… forgot about them until researching the Taco track.

Credit where it’s due, though, as “You Are the One” is still a really fun, interesting song, even years after the fact, and I can’t help but love it even now. Featuring an astonishingly solid 80’s aesthetic before that became the hip thing for musical acts to emulate, there’s a fun, energetic feeling to this song that is completely contrasted by the fairly morose lyrics, and I just can’t help but love the hell out of this song for simultaneously being ten years too early yet also slightly tone-deaf. It’s kind of amazing in its own way, and I just enjoy it way more than I probably should.

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