Random Song of the Day – 10/30/17

Today, Tears for Fears:

I’ve spent a not-insignificant amount of time talking about my love for 80’s music and aesthetics, so it shouldn’t be a particularly big surprise that, when Tears for Fears decided to drop a new song in 2017, I’d want to give it a listen and highlight it here.

It’s… fine.

I mean, let’s be up-front here: Tears for Fears, as a band, hasn’t been relevant since The Seeds of Love, if I’m being charitable, or more likely, Songs from the Big Chair, which was in… 1985, aka three decades ago. That said, however, I’ve rather enjoyed bits and pieces of their 80’s and 90’s work, all the way through, sigh, Raoul and the Kings of Spain, but their 2004 album Everybody Loves a Happy Ending was… weird. It’s not bad, as such, in the same way this isn’t bad, it just doesn’t sound like Tears for Fears anymore, and, uh… that’s kind of the only thing the band has going for it at this point.

That said, I don’t hate this; there’s a fine sound to it that, while not especially current or consistent with what you’d expect from the band, sounds fine enough to listen to more than once. The chorus is also pretty well composed too, enough that it it honestly supports the rest of the song more than you’d think on first listen. Would I listen to the rest of this record? Probably not. But this is a fine first single to release from it in any case, and that counts for something.

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