Random Song of the Day – 11/06/17

Today, Whitney Peyton:

Have you ever heard a musician who is technically talented, but can’t produce good music? Whitney Peyton is basically in that boat.

I’ve been following Whitney for a couple of years now, as my friend J. Rose pointed her out to me, and I want to be clear up front: her flow is awesome, and if all you care about is technical chops, she’s got them for days. The problem, if you couldn’t tell from the above, is that while her ability is excellent, her writing is… not that. Let me give you another example:

Look at this. Everything, everything about this song is amazing, from the awesome backing tracks to Whitney’s skills to the presentation of the video… but the chorus is, seriously, “Woopty Woo Woo.”

If you have the inclination to do so, you can check her channel and note that she has several covers of actually well written songs posted, and she does amazing with them, so this is clearly an issue with the content of the songs. I hope she can find someone to pair up with who can write something interesting for her to rap over, but at this point, she’s someone who’s got a lot of talent, but isn’t making a lot of music anyone is likely to want to hear.

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