Random Song of the Day – 11/07/17

Today, Butcher Babies:

About a year ago, one of my friends was discussing In This Moment with another person, who proceeded to inform him that ITM was very bad, and started recommending other bands to listen to who were, supposedly, much better. One of those bands was Butcher Babies, a musical act that basically seemed, at the time, to be based entirely around the idea that the female vocalists were aiming to destroy their vocal chords before they hit thirty, with the song “Monster’s Ball” being a high point. The thing that struck me as especially interesting, at the time, was that both of the lead vocalists can clearly sing, and it wouldn’t be at all hard (since you have two vocalists and all) to simply understate your screaming vocals with some more traditional singing so as to generate a fairly unique sound, as there aren’t a lot of metal bands with two female singers, both of whom can sing and scream.

Well, if “Headspin” is any indication, it turns out that yeah, that isn’t really enough to distinguish them as a band either.

This, again, comes back to a case where the technical skills of the band are clearly up to par, but their ability to create something is limited due to their inherent creative limitations. Put more bluntly: it’s a song about fucking, and even then it’s still fairly boring. It’s not bad, per se, but it’s largely creatively uninteresting; the song simply washes over the listener, content to simply exist until it ends, and it leaves you in no way changed or bettered for having partaken in it.

Also there’s boobs, so that’s nice I guess.

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