Random Song of the Day – 11/08/17

Today, InnerPartySystem:

On the short list of bands I love who never managed to survive long enough to become a major thing, IPS is definitely pretty close to the top, for a number of reasons. Their first record, which was self titled, was an amazing piece of work that basically feels like, even now, there wasn’t a single bad song on it. Their follow-up EP, Never Be Content, is a little more experimental, but still features one of my favorite songs from the band, in “Out of Touch.” The band name is a reference to 1984, and they responded to their departure from their record label by noting that the label expected their debut single to be the next “Just Dance,” and responded by saying “Our bad.”

How can I not love the band?

That said, the single biggest reason I love IPS is because of the above track, simply because it is amazing, and if you disagree, I’m sorry you don’t like awesome things. The song is a pretty solid and blunt condemnation of the starfucker aspects of our culture, and it’s honestly still really applicable even now, almost a decade after its initial release. The video itself has a very Videodrome quality to it, which is probably intentional given the content of the song and the undertones of most of the songs on the album, honestly.

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